About Us

PCCruises (PCC) is one of the largest and most active automotive cruising communities on PC. We were founded on January 5th 2015 originally as GTAVCruises. There wasn't much in terms of open world driving games at the time on PC. A few months later, GTAV Online released and opened the doors of what could be possible in an online game. We started off hosting car meets in empty parking lots, driving around and just enjoying our cars with a handful of friends. It didn't take long for our community to exploded into a few hundred members once the word got out, then a couple thousand and now we’re at 3,000+ with multiple car meets every day.

A lot could be said about the ideals of a community that focuses on a relaxed gameplay style and not having to be competitive 100% of the time. There is more than just racing in the real world, there is cruising, drifting, car meets, competitions, offroading and much more. We asked, why should games be any different? Being able to join a lobby full of people who have the same interests as one another seemed to be what our members find so appealing and what keeps everything together and organized.

As time went on we began to expand into other games such as Ubisoft’s The Crew, SpinTires, Forza Horizon 3 and many more PC games. Since there is so much going on in our community we split PCCruises into sub communities, Forza Cruises and GTAV Cruises. We’ve found that Reddit makes a great platform for what our community does so we’ve made /r/ForzaCruises and /r/GTAV_Cruises. Those are the main hubs for events, discussions and sharing media. The PCC site serves as a central hub for the communities as a whole. If you’re interest in joining, check out our Join Us at the top of the page.